I use this blog to let it out & let you in.
Spread the love people.

Spread the love people.

Love you all so much!

Love you all so much!

If you find a new way; you can do it today.

Christmas ain’t so bad…

Sands of Time

Watch me rewrite the lines

Walking backwards no repeats

Pain of yesterday in my footprints

Swept away in the sands of time

Marooned; a cast way; a dreamer.

Self Empowerment

The only person who can save you; is you. By eliminating self-limiting thoughts (doubt), and by believing & loving yourself you can achieve anything. Tame your mind one thought at a time. Cancel out negative ones with loving ones. You can do it. Empower yourself & get to fully living this blessing we call life.


Q & A #1

You beautiful, spectacular people asked some awesome questions.  Here are some honest answers. 

"What inspire most of your tattoos?"  -Daniel

I see tattoos as a form of expression.  A way of letting people know who you are without saying a word.  My tattoo choices have been mostly solid black (a little bit of red) symbols and geometry.  I also have several animals that I love.  I have two tigers, a dove, two swallows, an elephant, and a red-tail hawk.  The inspiration behind my tattoos is to be living, breathing art.

"How do you deal with hate?"  -Aurora

Ever since I first started putting music on the internet people have tried to put me down.  It is something that has become a day to day.  Although, it may seem like a bad/sad thing; to me it is not.  It is motivation…the wind behind my sails to prove the naysayers wrong.  Do it with a smile on your face.

"Have you read the Tao Te Ching?"  -Ashley

When I was 19 my grandfather (my mom’s dad) passed away.  He was a Tai Chi instructor out in San Diego (my birth city).  He would come out to Missouri and visit when I was a kid, but I never really got to know him on an intellectual level.  After his passing my mom brought to light my grandpa Jim’s philosophy; Taoism.  I was in a dreadful place at the time dealing with depression, anxiety, insomnia, and I was looking for help.  I borrowed my mom’s copy of “The Tao of Pooh”.  It is the perfect introduction into the Taoist mindset.  From there I have read the the Tao Te Ching several times through.  “Wei Wu Wei” = “Doing Not Doing”.  Aligning yourself with the pure, natural flow of the “The Tao” (which means “The Way”).  A beautiful philosophy I live by everyday.  Taoism was the first step of my deeper spiritual journey.

"What made you decide to be a vegan?"  -Maddi

"Let food be thy medicine." -Hippocrates

"How old were you when you started singing?"  -Maria 

I was 14 when I first started getting into music.  I played guitar and sang everyday until I was 15.  Then I started playing open mic night at a local coffee shop every tuesday.  I recommend open mic for anyone who wants to break the ice and get to performing.  It got me used to being in front of an audience before I played any real shows.

"Have you written and amazing songs lately?" -Brittany

I love the stuff I have been writing.  I have twenty feel-good acoustic jams that I am going to start demoing out later this month.  They are for my first real solo record.  I also have an awesome GONZO song in the works.  It is a re-do of “Lovers Love, Liars Lie”.  I made that song in garageband when I was fifteen.  It never got release so we are revamping and adding some epic.  Also, new NSN sounds like The Rolling Stones…just lil bit.

"How do you want to be remembered?"  -Kaitlin

I want to be remembered as someone who did everything they could to help.  Someone who had unconditional love for all living things.  Someone who lived to their full potential.